Chubby Bunny Challenge

Italy’s veteran trio of Andrea Barzagli, Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini helped Azzurri stun Group E favorites Belgium 2-0 in their Euro 2016 opener, with Sunderland attacker Emanuele Giaccherini scoring the first goal and Graziano Pelle slotting home the second.

Dafadoll Rosa, who is the featured Dafadoll of the Month this June, bet on the highly-rated Belgians to win the game, but thanks to Sunderland’s own Giaccherini and the Italians’ superior defensive line, the Dafadolls lose the bet and will have to do a challenge for this week!

“Belgium disappointed us, but we need to stand up for our Dafadoll sister Rosa and we will gladly do the challenge this week. Unfortunately, Rosa could not make it, but here are Dafadolls Karen, Mimi and Micah to do the challenge with me and we hope you enjoy us doing it,” said Dafadoll Yumi.

Eager to see what naughty challenge they accomplished for losing the Euro 2016 bet, then watch these four sexy Dafadolls in this fun video. Enjoy!

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