French Kiss 101

Can you kiss? It’s important. Kissing can trigger sex drive, intense romantic love and deep feelings of attachment so you’ve got to get it right. Here’s the lusciously sexy Vanny giving a little tutorial on how to smooch French style. Dressed as a dreamy French Maid she’s well and truly dressed for the occasion.

Once you’ve mastered French kissing throw in a few swoon worthy French words and expressions, and you’ll be irresistible. Here’s a few pointers:

Tu as de beaux yuex You have beautiful eyes
Tu ex tres jolie You are pretty
Tue es belle You are beautiful (female)
Ja pense toujours a toi I always think of you
Je suis fou de toi I’m crazy about you
Je t’adore I adore you
Je t’aime I love you
Tu veus sortor avec moi? Will you go out on a date with me?
Embrasse-moi Kiss me
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